10 Ways to Recognize False Preachers

1. They Commit Adultery (Jeremiah 23:14.) He or She commits adultery continually and are unrepentant if they fall into a backslidden state.

2. They Live a Lie  (Jeremiah 23:14).

3. They Become Rich and Powerful But Don't Help The Poor and Fatherless (Jeremiah 2:27-28).

4. They Use Their Power The Wrong Way (Jeremiah 23:10).

5. They Strengthen Evil Doers and Wickedness in the World Because They Don't Preach Against Sin (Jeremiah 23:14).

6. Because of Them God's People Don’t Know Him (Jeremiah 4:22) (Jeremiah 7:7).

7. They Speak Falsehoods that Come From Their Own Minds (Jeremiah 23:16).

8. They Tell The People They Will Have Peace and Will Be Blessed And Nothing Bad Will Happen To Them. (Jeremiah 23:16-18).

9. They Don't Seek God's Counsel….If They Had Sought The Lord He Would Have Told Them To Tell The People To Turn From Sin (Jeremiah 23:22).

10. True Preachers Tell People to Turn From Their Evil Ways and Practices (Jeremiah 25:4-5).


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