The Power of Hope

Living a life filled with hope will help us live by faith and not by fear. If we view situations and circumstances with fear we may try to solve problems by implementing our own plans and ideas.  This  creates a false peace and dependence on natural hope.

Natural hope is based upon what we perceive with our five senses.The ideas and plans developed with natural hope offers a temporary solution and makes matters worse.

Supernatural hope is based on trust in the one who possess the ability to change circumstances with the words He speaks. This is the One who defied natural law over and over again. Imagine a virgin having a baby! Virtually impossible,but God!

Imagine feeding 5,000 people with two fish and five loaves of bread! Virtually impossible,but God!
Imagine being dead in a tomb for four days, wrapped in grave clothes and the Son of the living God’s calls your name, telling you to come forth. You hear his voice and begin to walk. Given a second chance you bow down in humble adoration to worship the God of life. You sit and dine with family and friends at what was supposed to be a memorial service! Virtually impossible, but God!

It’s time to place your  hope in the God who loves you so much that he will defy natural law to help you. Look at the cross, and remember that Jesus died but he rose again and the same power that raised Him from the dead is available to help you do the impossible.


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