Cheer Up He's Calling You

My daughter has a closet filled with name brand clothing  One day last Summer she decided to clean out her closet to make room for more. I asked her to give the unwanted clothes to a young lady in the neighborhood. I hadn't officially met her but had seen her a few times as she walked to the bus stop. I thought about how excited she would be to receive the clothes, some with tags still on them!

When I saw her, we were some distance apart, so I beckoned with my hands to get her attention. After I got her attention someone else started calling her. She simply looked at me then looked away and went inside her home. She ignored me, she did not say a word or motion to say "just a moment" she went inside, totally ignoring my call.

I was surprised by her response but quickly thought about our response to God's call. So often we ignore his beckoning because the world is calling us. Like the young lady we may miss out on special blessings because we choose to ignore Him.

If she had taken a  moment just to acknowledge my call, she would have had bags of nice name brand clothing at no cost.

I wonder what kind of gifts we forfeit when we ignore God's call. Do we forfeit the gift of a sound mind, the gift of peace in troubling circumstances, wisdom to make right decisions, help to find our soul mate, help to find that perfect job, help with a wayward spouse or child, or a free bag of name brand clothing! 

Paul said, since God gave us His son won't he give us the other things we need! What do you need God to do for you? Don’t' be afraid to ask him for he's calling you.

Will you answer the call to receive eternal life and all of the other benefits and privileges we receive as heirs of Salvation.


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