Do You Believe?

During a recent conversation, a co-worker said he doesn't believe the bible is true. The disturbing part about his comment is that he has never read or tried to read the bible. Why would an intelligent person say he does not believe the sayings of a book he has not read?

Another co-worker said he can't believe in a God he can't see but he believes in Alien's (although he's never seen one). This proves belief or unbelief in God reflects a condition of the heat and perhaps there is something more going on than not physically seeing God or reading the bible.

There are some who've read the bible but still don't believe it's God word or they used to believe and have stopped believing. Most of the time this comes from pride, or something happened in the person's life that the only way  he or she can accept the event or circumstance is to deny Gods existence or the validity of scripture. And sometimes people don't believe because the bible condemns a certain behavior, so it's easier to say the bible is a manmade book, so it doesn't matter what it says.

However, for some the bible is a source of comfort. They enjoy reading it and have come to know God's nature and have discarded atheistic view points. They have come to know without a  shadow of doubt that God is love. They know God loves  and cares for the world He created.

They have come to understand that God is actively involved with His creation, that He is not some mean ogre sitting idly by while His creation suffers. They have come to know that they and God have  a common enemy named Satan. They know that Satan is behind all of the suffering and evil we see going on (John 8:44, Hebrews  2:14).

Above all, they believe God sent his only son Jesus Christ to die on a cross to redeem the world and its inhabitants from the power of Satan (Acts 26:18).They believe one day the world will be filled with love and peace. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain for the old order of things will pass away (Revelation 21:14).

Do you believe? Try reading the bible for yourself to determine if these things are so!


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