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Can God See Your Faith

An angel told Peter in Acts 5:20 to "go stand and speak in the temple to the people "All" the words of this life". The words of this life? What did the angel mean?
Perhaps the Angel referred to the Christian's call to "live by faith". The disciples and the saints of old demonstrated "the fact of faith"  in their daily lives and ministries. In a previous post I noted "faith" can be seen. God saw Abraham had faith in Him when he offered his son Isaac on the altar.
Paul saw that the man of Lystra had faith to be healed. What did Paul see? Some say Paul could tell by his countenance-his facial expressions that the man had faith to be healed. Paul could see hope in his face. Although crippled from his mother's womb, his attitude was not sour or full of self-pity. Nor was he docked or anchored to his condition. He did not cynically accept the condition as a part of life but was quietly expecting and hoping that the God of Abraham, Is…
Four Dysfunctional Family Characteristics That You Can Change
by Karla Downing 

Dysfunctional families have similar characteristics regardless of the individual problems. Here are four dysfunctional family characteristics that you can change:
Unpredictability - Life has twists and turns, but healthy relationships are pretty predictable compared to unhealthy ones because people are reliable. In unhealthy relationships, people can't be trusted to do what they promise. Plans are changed and promises are broken due to irresponsibility, addictions, moods, and conflict. People don't do what they are supposed to do because these problems make them undependable. Change this characteristic by keeping the promises you make even when things are falling apart and other people around you don't. You can bring predictability to unpredictability. You can make sure your yes's mean yes and your no's mean no.
Generational Effects - The children of dysfunctional families grow up to be adu…
3 Things to Know About Faith by S.E .Miller

Faith  can be seen
The friends of the Paralytic showed they had faith in Jesus when they pulled their friend up a steep roof and tore off  the shingles to get him to Jesus. Their actions proved they believed Jesus could and would heal him. (Mark 2:3-5)
Peter showed he had faith by walking on water. (Matthew 14:18).
The disciples showed they had no faith by panicking in the storm. (Matthew 8:23-26).
Faith isn't perfect. Sometimes we are skeptical or cynical about Gods' ability to do something but He continues to be faithful.
Sara laughed at the thought of being able to have a child at 90 years old. (Genesis 8:12)
A father with a demon possessed son needed help to believe Jesus could deliver him. (Mark 9:24)
Faith works although the answer may not come immediately. We may have to pray or be anointed about something more than once before we get an answer.
The Lord told Elijah it would rain. However, although Elijah heard the abundance of ra…
Why You Should Take Communion By S.E. Miller
Renowned commentator, Matthew Henry said, when we take communion “We feast on the sacrificed body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. And to eat of the feast is to partake of the sacrifice, and so to be his guests to whom the sacrifice was offered, and this in token of friendship with him. To partake of the Lord's table is to profess ourselves his guests and covenant people. This is the very purpose and intention of this symbolical eating and drinking; it is holding communion with God, and partaking of those privileges, and professing ourselves under those obligations, which result from the death and sacrifice of Christ.”
Henry's insight encourages me to compare the Lord's table with King David's table as noted in 2 Samuel chapter 9. In this chapter we see David symbolic of God, Johnathan a type of Christ and Mephibosheth a picture of the saints of God.
In the chapter David asked if there was someone of Saul's house he could…
'You Make Me Sick' and other things Parents Say in Anger by Patricia Gatto
Maryann is so focused she's blind. She's slipped over the edge of responsibility and forgot the real reason she is working so hard. It's for her daughter.

Being a single parent isn't easy. Between working, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and homework, there isn't much time left in the day. It's a heavy burden to be the sole supporter of a young child. But when pressures and tensions are so great that harmful words spill out like bitter pills, isn't it time to stop and take inventory?

"Clean your room or I'm gonna kill you!" "If you don't do your homework right now, I'll break your neck!" "Just leave me alone, I've had a rough day."

These statements came from a woman who loves her daughter and she's working hard to provide for her. If you asked Maryann, she'd say she would do anything in the world for her child. But why can&…