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Why Are You Cast Down O My Soul! Hope Thou In God

A cast sheep is a sheep that has fallen on its back, legs straight up in the air. It can't rise on its own and will die within a few hours if the Shepherd doesn't find it in time.
Phillip Keller, author of "A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23" says, "a sheep becomes cast when it rolls on its side to relax after lying down in a hollow or depression in the ground. It is during this time gravity in the body shifts and when it turns to get back on its feet, it discovers its feet can no longer touch the ground. It begins to panic and paw frantically. As it lies there struggling, gases begin to build in the rumen. The gases will cut off blood circulation to the extremities of the body, especially the legs."
Notice, the sheep became cast when it decided to relax on hollow grown. The word hollow refers to a hole or empty space. It can also refer to something that is valueless, worthless, futile or fruitless.
As Christians we often find ourselves resting or relaxing in hollo…

What Kind of Sheep are You?

Some of us claim the "The Lord Is My Shepherd" but what kind of sheep are we! Are we happy and contented sheep or sad discontented sheep! 

Happy and contented sheep follow the shepherd, because they trust him. They know he loves them and will do whatever it takes to protect them and supply their needs. However, discontented sheep seem to be "restless" they have the propensity to wander. Author of "The Way of the Shepherd", Don Baker says these, "restless sheep have insatiable cravings that cause them to wander from the rest of the flock."   
He notes "the Shepherd will hang a bell around the neck of discontented sheep because during the night he may hear what sounds like the Morse code of bells. A single clang of the bell means that a discontented sheep is trudging off. It may be in search of greener pastures or purer water. If the clang is rapid it means the sheep is running-sometimes of danger but usually, it is just dissatisfied."

It's Time to Have The Reproach Rolled Away

In Joshua 5:9  we notice a very important principle. The passage says, after the Israelites received the mark of the covenant, (circumcision,) God rolled away the reproach of Egypt off of them. The word reproach means- the act of finding fault in disgrace, to treat with scorn, or condemn, criticize with an attitude of fault finding with the intention of shaming.

God delivered the Israelites from Egypt with a mighty hand and promised to take them to a land that flowed with milk and honey. However, 40 years later they were still wandering in the wilderness. How embarrassing! 
The Egyptians were laughing at them, they were being condemned and shamed into believing they had been duped into following God into the desert. Some of the Egyptians left Egypt with the Israelites, scripture calls them the mixed multitude. They were so impressed by God's power and miracles they left Egypt. 
However, when they arrived in the desert and all they had to eat was manna they were not happy. They en…