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What's the Difference Between False Peace and True Peace?

Before filing for divorce from her husband a co-worker prayed to God about her situation. After praying she said a sense of peace flooded her soul. God had given her peace (so she thought). She filed for divorce the following week.

My co-worker experienced "false peace." It's sort of like the peace Balaam felt or received after asking God over and over if he should go with Balak to curse Israel, after God previously told him not to go with him (Numbers 22:12).

After asking Him a few times, God said go ahead (Numbers 22:20) but He was not happy about it (Numbers 23:36). Balaam went with Balak and sold himself to do evil (1 Kings 21:20). Because he sought and followed "false peace" he became defiled. instead of being remembered as a man of God he is known as a greedy soothsayer (Jude 1:11, Joshua 13:22).

God has given us free will to do as we desire. He gives us freedom to go against his revealed will (as laid out in scripture) or we have freedom to do our own will…