Why Islam May Overtake Christianity

While attending a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, I saw a Muslim woman kneeling in a corner praying, eyes closed, bowing up and down, lips moving but no audible sound. I left my table to get a closer look, the woman prayed intensely, totally unaware of my presence. 

I stood there watching for about 60  seconds until another Muslim woman approached me. She was very polite and said "Can I help you."  "I'm sorry, but  curiosity got the best of me," I said.  "May I ask you a question?" "Sure", she said smiling. "I noticed she makes sure her head touches the stone when she bows down."  "Why is that?" "We must make contact with the earth when we pray." Why is she praying right now?" " Because now is the hour of prayer, we pray five times a day."

We chatted for a few moments and I went back to my table. From there I watched 10 ladies take  turns to pray. One by one they left the party table filled with gifts and a beautiful cake to pray to their god. I wondered why no one from Chuck E. Cheese tried to stop the train of praying women near the women's restroom but noted they were not loud or disturbing others.

As I thought about what I witnessed I wondered if touching the stone during prayer was a prophetic act. Are they effectively prophesying that Islam will cover the earth? Some believe Islam will increase and displace Christianity simply because of the birthrate. The number of Muslim births are expected to exceed the Christian birthrate in 20 years.

Can Muslims and Christians coexist? No, take a look at Europe. How should Christians respond to the challenges they are facing? The answer of course is prayer.

Christians do not pray enough due to distractions. More hours are spent on social media and entertainment than prayer.  When someone mentions scheduling prayer time to a Christian, to make it a prioritized commitment, he or she often says you are being ritualistic or legalistic. God doesn't require Christians to pray at certain times. While they use their freedom to chase worldly pleasure, the Islamic religion grows faster and faster before our very eyes. A famous author noted while watching a football game, he felt as if God wanted him to pray but was tempted to ask God if the prayer could wait until after the game.

Perhaps, Christians shouldn't look at scheduled prayer time as a ritualistic act. Maybe they should look at it as matter of discipline. It takes discipline to stop work or entertainment to pray.

If there is a decline in Christianity in America it is due to a lack of prayer!

In Mark 14:38, Jesus told the disciples, to watch and pray, lest they fall into temptation. The word temptation means, trials, enticements, and adversity.

Wake up and pray! Turn off your football and basketball games to pray. While you are at Chuck E. Cheese Pray! 

Make time to pray, unless you want to be trampled under the foot of men (Matthew 5:13).


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