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Go Hard in the Paint

Last year I kept hearing the Lord tell me to go hard in the paint.  I kept hearing it as I did the laundry, worked in my business, drove around.  Finally I was like “God what does that even mean?” (That’s how me and God communicate by the way). You probably can tell,  I’m totally not a sports person.  But, I knew to go hard in the paint had something to do with sports.  I just wasn’t exactly sure what.  So I asked my husband. That’s when I found out how DEEP it is to go hard in the paint. You see the painted area on the basketball court is really close to the goal.  It is the point where you receive the most opposition.  Everything is coming against you to stop you from making that goal.  But the goal is right there in front of you, so close.  When you are that close, you have to give it your all. You have to work hard in that painted area. Listen! How many times have you felt like you were right there on the cusp, the very brink of success? And then all hell broke loose.  You then to…

The Book of Revelation~ Defiled Garments

In the book of Revelation Jesus commended, rebuked, warned and encouraged members of the church. He commended good works or shall we say good behavior but He also condemned wicked behavior. Many in the church loved Him but they also loved the world.
They were sexually immoral and were guilty of idolatry. Jesus responded to their immorality by saying their garments were defiled. (Revelation 3:4) He loved them but could not allow them in heaven with dirty garments on.
A believer’s garments refers to right or wrong actions that stain the soul.
Scripture notes that sin and iniquity stains and defiles a Christian’s garment (soul) while righteous actions are depicted as white fine linen without stains. (Revelation 19:8).
Due to various messages on grace some Christians believe their behavior or obedience to God’s word is not relevant today.
Yet, Christ said to faithful, church attending Christians their doctrinal beliefs and sinful behavior may cause them to be cast on a bed of affliction (Re…