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Three Things to Consider Before Getting Married or Divorced

What happens in your marriage when you realize your spouse isn't the right one? Do you leave your spouse or become the right one? They say it's not about finding the right person but being the right person.

What happens when you realize you don't share the same goals and dreams and you are at odds with one another all time? Do you leave your spouse or adjust your dreams and goals?

What happens if you find someone who looks better than your spouse and you want the other person instead? Do you leave your spouse or be content with your spouse's beauty.

The pharisees asked Jesus was it OK to divorce a spouse for any reason because it was their custom to do so. They divorced their spouses if they saw someone prettier or shapelier than their own spouse. Of if she couldn't cook or if they were tired of her.

Jesus told them, spouses divorcing one another wasn't what God had planned when He created marriage. Marriage was supposed to be permanent but because of the…

How Trusting God Reunited A Couple After Being Divorced For Ten Years

My brother-law is contagiously happy and unbelievably generous. On any given day, if you ask him how he's doing. He'll say, "Oh, I'm blessed and highly favored. Trusting God and leaving the consequences up to Him."
His trust in God is astounding. Ten years ago, my sister divorced him although he did not want to divorce her. While speaking with him on the phone one day, he said, "God told me she will return to me."
I wasn't so sure about that especially after the years passed. 1 year, then two years, then five years, then seven years, then nine years.
During those years I asked friends and relatives who lived near him, if he was dating anyone? They said, "No all he does is work and go to church." I felt sorry for him for she had moved on with her life and was dating others.
Finally, last year after 10 years, he and my sister remarried. Apparently, that is what happens when you trust God and leave the consequences up to him!
The same power…

Stop Doing This to Accomplish More Goals This Year

After I completed my list of goals for 2019, I compared it with my 2018 list. I realized several goals remained unaccomplished.
While reviewing my lists a bible verse came to mind. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. (James 1:8) Ouch!

I looked up double minded in Thayer’s Greek Dictionary and Strong’s Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries. According to them, double-minded means, “Vacillating in opinion or purpose, divided in interest, wavering, uncertain, doubting.”

As I reviewed the definitions, I discovered that I am indeed, double minded. I have divided interests, I vacillate in opinion regarding certain tasks and roles. The Homiletical Commentary said double minded means “Uncertainty caused by never letting a decision rest, but going over it again and again, until opportunity is lost and nothing is done. I am an over thinker I think things to death. Looking at the pros and cons and most of the time I come up with more cons than pros and what happens? Absolutely nothing! Ugh! So…