Stop Doing This to Accomplish More Goals This Year

After I completed my list of goals for 2019, I compared it with my 2018 list. I realized several goals remained unaccomplished.

While reviewing my lists a bible verse came to mind. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. (James 1:8) Ouch!

I looked up double minded in Thayer’s Greek Dictionary and Strong’s Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries. According to them, double-minded means, “Vacillating in opinion or purpose, divided in interest, wavering, uncertain, doubting.”

As I reviewed the definitions, I discovered that I am indeed, double minded. I have divided interests, I vacillate in opinion regarding certain tasks and roles. The Homiletical Commentary said double minded means “Uncertainty caused by never letting a decision rest, but going over it again and again, until opportunity is lost and nothing is done. I am an over thinker I think things to death. Looking at the pros and cons and most of the time I come up with more cons than pros and what happens? Absolutely nothing! Ugh! So how will I overcome being double-minded?

I thought about the parable of the talents. (Matthew 25:14-30) In this parable a man gave his employees money to invest or trade for him. He gave one talent to an employee but he did not invest it nor traded with it. He simply buried it in the ground. Perhaps he was an over thinker. He researched various opportunities, talked them over with family and friends. He weighed the pros and cons and couldn’t make a decision so he hid it in the ground. The other two employees doubled their money because they went to the marketplace and began trading immediately. A wise person will weigh pros and cons, they will research opportunities but they will not become paralyzed by fear of the unknown.

I am determined not to be an over thinker this year, how about you? Are you vacillating in purpose or interests? Are you filled with doubt and fear, wavering back and forth wondering if you are on the right track? 

Let's set our minds on our goals and win in 2019!


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